Sponsorship & Advertising

                                                                           INNISFIL SPARTANS JUNIOR ‘C’ HOCKEY CLUB                                                                               Sponsorship 2022-2023

The Spartans are about to embark on their inaugural season representing the community of Innisfil in the Junior C Hockey world. Innisfil will be able to represent proudly in the Provincial Junior Hockey League (PJHL) which is the largest junior hockey league in the world where over 1450 young athletes participate.

We are in the process of securing sponsorships for our upcoming 2022–2023 season. Sponsorships are key in helping to ensure the success and future of this new team and we welcome the opportunity to correspond with you and discuss how you can be one of the first supporters of our hometown team.

We are excited to bring even more hockey to the town of Innisfil and look forward to a successful first season. We have high hopes to make the Spartans a household name not just in Innisfil, but in hockey households far and wide all while bringing acknowledgement and recognition to our great community.

Any support that you are able to provide is greatly appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your consideration for sponsorship.

To stay up-to-date for the upcoming season please follow us on social media and on our website at www.innisfilspartans.com

For sponsorship & Advertising information please contact Karrie Copelli: spartanssponsorsandevents@gmail.com


George Floros                                                       Karrie Copelli                                                                    President                                                               Sponsorship and Event Coordinator